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Aquadual: Transforming Swimwear

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Aquadual is transforming Swimwear from a bikini to a one-piece in the blink of an eye.  The brand has a trademarked product that combines two swimsuits into one cohesive look.  I was able to catch up with designer Stephanie Hersh to talk more about this amazing and inventive swimwear brand!

Carlisa:  Wow!  What an amazing concept.  I had yet to see transformation swimwear until I was introduced to your line.  I definitely give you guys Kudos.  You can literally turn a bikini into a one-piece with a quick transformation.  Who are the designers?  How did they come up with the concept?

Aquadual:  Thanks Carlisa.  We are really excited to get our unique swimsuits out in the marketplace.  Our main designer Stephanie Hersh came up with this idea while she was on vacation. She was sitting at a pool people watching, when she noticed a woman who was wearing a bikini and covering it up with a one piece.  She thought “Wouldn’t it just be easier to have a swimsuit that changed from a bikini to one piece?”  She thought this would allow a woman the flexibility without having extra pieces to attach or store. It took years of trial and error for Ms. Hersh to create a swimsuit that was attractive, functional and easy.  Finally she created a suit that was exactly the way she envisioned it, and the Aquadual line was born.

Carlisa:  Aquadual is revolutionizing Swimwear.  Where do you see the brand in 5 years?  What is your vision?  Do you have a specific target audience?

Aquadual:  We hope to see our line in both large and small retail stores across the country.  Our goal is to give all women the flexibility to wear swimsuits the way they want, when they want.  At Aquadual we are all about choices.

Carlisa: I know I’m the type of girl that loves to mix-n-match her bikinis and swimwear… Are customers able to mix and match the top and bottom pieces?

Aquadual:  I agree with you 100%.  Yes, our customers can absolutely mix-n-match.  In fact, when you mix our pieces, you end up getting even more options.   For example, with one top and one bottom, you have a one-piece option, a high-waist, a low rise bikini or anywhere in between.  Imagine all the different swimsuit outfits you can make by just adding another piece.

Carlisa: How many styles do you have?  Do you plan on creating more styles or producing more of what you already have?

Aquadual: Right now we are a tight cohesive line with several bottoms, and several tops. Our styles are available in many colors, and we are currently working on additional styles to add to our line.

Carlisa: Okay, I’m eager to know when you are releasing an online store?  How can people order your swimwear?

Aquadual: We are excited about the upcoming e-store.  Our plan is to open our online store this summer.  We are also planning on selling in specialty swimwear boutiques.

Make sure you check out Aquadual’s website for all updates!


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